Selling your Machinery

If you have decided to sell your machinery, please contact us by e-mail or call us directly. Our team will be glad to guide you through the sales process.

☑ Fast

☑ Safe

☑ Profitable

Don't have time to spare?

If you do not wish to spend time selling your machinery, our company can buy it from you directly. We will evaluate the condition of your machinery and, taken into consideration the price on the open market, offer you the final price for your unit. Once both parties agree, a sales deal will be made and you will receive full payment.

Advertise globally

Our company has a large database of partners and clients that will be interested in the purchase of your machinery. Your machinery will be advertised globally to provide you with the best option of sales for your unit. When both parties have agreed on the price, the purchase will be settled and paid in full once the sales contract has been finalised.